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слава україні

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my car is registered

2013-11-23 17:51:23 by thegarbear14

My cars on the road now, so the dmv bullshit is pretty much over for now i guess.

The DMV is ridiculous

2013-11-01 21:57:11 by thegarbear14

I went to the DMV to try and register my car and they want to charge me a bunch of money. It says repaired on the title and was once called salvaged for a pretty stupid reason. The title says the left fender was replaced on it. The dmv wants to charge me about $500 in extra fees to register my car unless i show them a bunch of paperwork from the previous owner which just came in the mail. However, they will still probably want to charge me a bunch of money and do a bunch of bullshit anyways.

Oh and my car is a 2003 Acura TL type-s

I work too much

2013-10-11 20:48:26 by thegarbear14

im a highschool student and i work roughly 40 hours a week with school. Anybody else do this? how do you make it through school without being tired? I usually drink energy drinks before school and work.

i am in florida still

2013-07-03 15:05:33 by thegarbear14

The wifi area at this villa place smells like urine =PLBAAF35D7BDD1C4B9&index=137

Another good song....

Drum and bass


2013-03-30 02:25:02 by thegarbear14